Using this tool

Before you start, you'll need:
Payroll information
  • Number of employees (seasonal, part-time, full-time, etc.)
  • Total hours worked by all employees
  • Total annual FICA wages paid during the tax year
Health plan information
  • Total amount paid for health insurance for employees during the tax year
  • Total annual premium for the most expensive coverage for each tier (single, family, etc.)
  • Number of plan participants by tier (single, family, etc.)

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Are you grandfathered?

See if your health plan is grandfatheredRemember hearing, "If you like the plan you have, you can keep it"? Find out what it means to have a grandfathered health plan.

Small business
tax credit calculator

An estimated 4 million small businesses (including nonprofits) will qualify for tax credits to help cover the cost of providing health benefits for their employees.

Does your business qualify? How much can you save?

This tool will walk Michigan employers through the process of applying for the tax credit. (Calculations will only be valid for Michigan employers.)
This webpage provides a general overview of certain aspects of health care reform based on information currently available. It does not cover all of the requirements, and new information is released frequently. Information provided by Priority Health about health care reform should not be considered legal advice. [This is an educational tool only and the effect of reform may differ depending on your circumstances.]